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Rich Media Ads in Los Angeles

What are Rich Media Ads and How Megamadz Can Help?

Rich Media Ads are the best way to reach customers with mobile advertising because they allow the user to interact in some way.

People are more likely to go to a place when they are viewing rich content and know exactly what you are offering. Text ads are easily overlooked by consumers, but a picture or mobile video will make them stop and take notice.

Best Rich Media Ads

Rich media ads draw the eye and make someone pay attention. If you are looking at pictures while playing an app or videos that pop up before you can continue playing a game, then it's a lot better. You will remember that ad and think of the pictures later which might guide you to the businesses' website.

Rich Media ads are a way to paint a picture for potential customers and draw them into purchasing your products or services. That is the main aim for our mobile advertising platform. Interface of our real-time bidding platform complies with the latest open rtb advertising standards and categories, optimizes mobile buyers and sellers experiences at their fingertips. It is a big step forward to push mobile advertising, marketing, and branding on a whole new level of mobile experience with accuracy.

HTML5 is changing the face of mobile advertising

Platform Ad Format Standardization Audience
Open Amination Open standard Highly fragamented
Cross Platform Audio/video Vast and VPAID for video Targeted
Enough Band Width Interactive Run anywhere Touch the brands
Screen Real Estate Respond to Different Size Write Code Once Influential

Mobile Ad Design

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    By A Blogger
    Consumers now can touch a brand on mobile in a way they haven't been able to before - swiping products or services interactively with exact location and mobile commerce all at their fingers.

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    By A Reader

    HTML5 ad can trigger native functionality in apps that enable ad creators utilize all the features of the apps.

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    Rich Media ad campaigns consistently deliver double digit engagement rates, it becomes the ubiquitous standard through which most digital ads is delivered.

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