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Megamadz is a leading provider of real-time bidding advertising for advertisers and publishers. It is easy to manage and transforms campaigns into effective local, category, content targeting, and deliver outstanding results based on performance. Our Mobile RTB Advertising Interface is easy to use; we can configure your plug in for any digital agencies or bidder for free. Our high speed bidding API is simple, secure and efficient for any app developer or publishers. Our real-time bidding platform can be also adapted to any supply side platforms with some coding.

real time bid

Interface of our real-time bidding platform complies with the latest open rtb advertising standards and categories, optimizes mobile buyers and sellers experiences at their fingertips. It is a big step forward to push mobile advertising, marketing, and branding on a whole new level of mobile experience with accuracy.


Real-time bidding is gaining popularity in programmatic buying, especially in mobile advertising. It's like auctions that advertisers compete for ad space at the right time and right place. Think how car racers or runners compete for the first, second and third places while they need immediate attention for a drink or new tires.

We firmly believe that mobile advertising is rapidly maturing and closing the gap between the extraordinary opportunity and real capability. Our real-time bidding platform OpenRTBis strong proof. We are proud to have been part of the frontier of changing the digital advertising arena and embracing the enthusiasm that the IAB adopted OpenRTB for mobile programmatic buying and selling.

We've been using OpenRTB Version 2.0, now we support OpenRTB 2.1 and version 2.2. The difference only lies in the few new objects(Regs, Pmp, Deal) under bid request and a few extra attributes for bid, bid request and bid response.

Our cloud-based platform delivers a powerful data rendering and management for customer intelligence using leading cloud service provider with fast ads rendering and no time down.

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