Mobile Advertising and Real-time Bidding With Rich Media Ads

Megamadz ­ the Best Way to Optimize Your Mobile Advertising
Mobile video is a great way to advertise your company to a wide range of consumers. No matter the type of business you have, large or small, you need advertisements to reach potential customers. A big part of that is mobile advertising. The reason is because most people are always on their phones; they do their research there, and even shop from their phones.

What are Rich Media Ads and How Megamadz Can Help
Megamadz will show you the best way to reach mobile customers. There are no setup charges and just a small fee if any. You can easily find potential customers by searching for locations they are living in and the demographic you are looking for. Rich Media Ads are the best way to reach customers with mobile advertising because they allow the user to interact in some way. People are more likely to go to a place when they are viewing rich content and know exactly what you are offering. Text ads are easily overlooked by consumers, but a picture or mobile video will make them stop and take notice.

RTB Advertising Places Personalized Messages to Your Consumers
Megamadz can make sure the mobile advertising you are sending out go to local places where people who can buy immediately will see it. You can count on us to build a plan for you and make sure your RTB advertising campaigns are running smoothly while you handle your business. We have a commitment to perfecting your mobile strategy including taking the time to check out what your target market is and then focus your mobile advertising on those people.

Megamadz has the Best Mobile Advertising Platform and the Best Company
The platform is compliant with OpenRTB and is made for applications, mobile internet, mobile phone and tablets. We offer the tools you need to be successful in your business with an ad server and platform that is easy to use and offers results. Real­time bidding advertising allows our company to give you more options to reach customers. We have the best set up for impressions to be bid on and real time reporting that tells you what is going on with your ads at all times. You will always know how many clicks, impressions, and completion rates your ads are drawing.

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