About Megamadz.com

In the land of advertising and marketing things have changed. While the old ways of advertising may not be completely obsolete, they do not seem to be as effective. The advancement of technology has made marketing and advertising infinitely easier allowing for businesses and company’s—both large and small—reach an audience they could have never reached the old standard way. With megamadz.com you will have an advantage over your competition because you will have a way to get to people you might not have

At Megamadz we are proud to say that we are the top mobile marketing agency around. There are very few people these days that do not have some sort of smart phone or even a tablet of some sort. So you may be wondering how we are different than the other mobile ad companies out there today.

We do work with all kinds of businesses. It doesn’t matter your scale or the type of business you do. You can be a giant international conglomerate or a small family business. The size of your business does not matter. And with the constant influx of the economy Megamadz does not have setup or minimum fees. It can help you when you don’t have a lot of money for marketing, but definitely need to get your name out there. Once you start using Magamadz you will see that marketing becomes a lot easier.

With most mobile marketing companies, they charge a setup fee and there are also hidden costs, and even after paying all those fees they still may not meet the customer’s wishes. Our main focus, as a mobile advertising agency, is the customer. It is top priority that each and every customer get the best customer service experience available. There are a lot of things you can do with our technology like get the demographics of your visitors and where they might be coming from. This is the best way to make sure you are marketing to your target market and the people you want to come to your site are getting there.

As an added bonus, all the technology that is used by Magamadz is developed in house. What does this mean? Well, it means that we do not hire outside contractors to develop the technology we need. We have a gifted and talented staff that works hard to make sure each ad is crafted to meet all the requirements of the customer’s needs. This also means if there is a problem we can quickly help you get it solved because we know our technology inside and out. Our goals are to help you optimize your campaigns and engage your customers by helping your name stick in their head. We will provide you with a free mobile business page and you can always request a demo before you commit.

If you are looking for the right mobile ad agency that will listen to your needs and do what you want, then check us out. At Magamadz you are what is important.