Rich media ads worth of attention of advertisers

Rich media ads is very convenient way of promoting

It refers to mobile phone advertising. Rich media ads downloading fast because of small size. It can be 40K or more. Thanks to such technology, rich media ads can be shown right on your phone screen as text, picture or video. To all other it can appear in different ways and change during demonstration. Such possibility makes rich media ads more noticeable. Megamadz provides quality mobile advertising platform which gives complete opportunity of rich media ads management and lets you to analyse results on the go.

Mobile phone advertising: let's dig deeper!

Mobile phone advertising refers to promotion or selling through a cellphone. Such advertising type has become mostly widespread recently because of the accrued use of cell phones everywhere the planet. High speed development of communication technologies every day make cellphones cheaper. It causes increasing of amount of mobile communication users. So mobile phone advertising becomes more actual and popular among advertisers. And rich media ads is included. Today such way of promotion is so mass that developers created mobile RTB to automate managing of add processes, but we’ll be back to it later.
Mobile phone advertising has numerous forms such as Short Message Service (SMS), and Multi Media Messaging (MMS). Very common is using of phone screen as ad area. Look at your phone and you probably find in some corner or somewhere else some logo or slogan.

Mobile phone advertising may also appear as rich media ads during games and mobile phone videos. Alternative way of advertisement demonstration is showing it during loading of some information. Mobile phone advertising as audio message can be played before voice mail recording as well. It is clear that mobile phone advertising has created a significant impact and it's solely certain to get a lot of popularity among marketers. Advertisers can improve rich media ads technology during a bid to remain prior competition also on reach larger audiences at cheaper prices.

Mobile RTB is at the crossing of programmatic buying and mobile advertising Mobile RTB (Real-Time Bidding) developed to buy mobile phone advertising places automatically. This is great solution for interaction between advertisers and developers of mobile applications. Using mobile RTB rich media ads management becomes more controllable, pricing becomes transparent and the main thing is mobile RTB automates buying process. Another useful features from mobile RTB are flexibility of addressing of different add formats to the right audiences and all actions such retargeting can be done in real time.
Mobile RTB as a meaning is a result of mobile phone advertising evolution. According to speed of development of mobile communication we can assume competition will be increasing so far. The winner should choose the best solution for rich media ads campaign.

Megamadz offers up-to-date mobile phone advertising platform, which satisfies all current needs of professional advertiser. Make a request and our mangers provide you with full information.