What is a Mobile Advertising Platform?

How we impact digital marketing – Use AI, rich media and targeted mobile ads.

A mobile advertising platform is a tool which allows advertisers to purchase ads on mobile devices with minimal effort. The device and messaging services can be customized depending on the demographic for which the ads are designed (e.g. a first person shooter game can have a wider audience reach with an on-screen banner, or with some software for tracking. Many platforms offer additional features such as instant notifications when users are

If you're looking to grow your business faster and you need to reach small-to-medium business customers on the go, Megamadz is the perfect mobile advertising platform. Not only can you reach potential customers virtually anywhere they go, but also Megamadz’s artificial intelligence is designed to keep track of interactions made by people who are interacting with your ads

What is #Rich Media Mobile ads? It's a format of interactive ad placed on mobile that includes multimedia features, such as video, audio, animation as well as elements like text and images.

Rich media mobile ads are engaging and dynamic in a way that other ad types aren't. Use advanced features like video, audio, or other elements can encourage viewers to interact and engage with the content. While text ads can only sell with words, and display ads display pictures, rich media ads offer more ways to involve an audience with an ad. They usually lead to more interaction, increased conversions, and a higher click-through rate.

In fact, one 2020 study found that rich media ads outperform standard banner ads by 267%.

Rich media ads usually take much more time, effort, and capital to create. Megamadz has the best rich media mobile ads with in-house design tools that fit for display ads, in-app advertising, phone advertising, rtb advertising.

Mobile ads will dramatically change how you find and buy your favorite app, brand or channel!

Mobile ad formats make it easier than ever to find the perfect items to suit your needs. Interested in a phone ad? We got you covered! Create an ad with Megamadz or search Upstik.com, upload some stellar photos from your current business advertising campaigns, and start browsing the platform straight from your phone.